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We never forget that the employees are the foundation of our hotel services, which is why we .take care that they are satisfied. Come with us and become part of the story that has been going on since 1993. Work in the largest Czech hotel company.


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We are offering opportunity

We give our talent a chance and we are proud to be a guide for our employees in both their personal and professional development and growth. We welcome every person who is willing to learn and achieve the career of their dreams.

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I caught a taste of the hotel industry when I was in the fifth grade at basic school when I helped my friend's parents at the Mountain hotel Kohútka and I was filled with enthusiasm for the work. Both that and my later study visit...

Radka Maťašovská Řeháková

Directing manager, Buddha-Bar Hotelu Prague

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We are your support

We know that our employees’ needs change over the course of their careers. Our goal is for our employees to be happy at work, but also outside of work. Everything balanced. Our benefits offer a wide range of options for development and relaxation for the whole family. Because satisfied employees alone are the foundation of the company.

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I was there as our company gradually grew and changed from a smaller firm to the largest hotel company on the market today. I’ve always valued the flexibility...

Karin Seifertová

Sales Manager, CPI Hotels

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We share experiences

Professionalism, experience and hard work is what stands behind our success. It’s important to always continue moving forward and with us, you will be able to learn from the best. Humility isn’t just an empty word for us, but rather an everyday approach to life thanks to which we can boast not only hundreds of guests who are happy to return to our hotels, but also a functioning, stable team of people who learn from one another and pull on the same rope.

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I've been working at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague since its opening in 2008. We've been through a lot since then, thousands of meals have passed through my hands for everyday guests and even for...

Miroslav Soukup

Chef, Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

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Our mission is service

Our guests are the reasons why we love our jobs. We take care so they can feel at home while on the road and so they can enjoy our relaxing atmosphere, care and personal approach. We want to be part of their story.

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I am a guide from the Republic of South Africa and I've loved travelling since I was little. I’m an open person and I like talking with people and thanks to my job as a waiter, I have the opportunity to speak different languages and meet...

Jan Suchý

Waiter, Clarion Grand hotel Zlatý Lev Liberec

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We know how to have fun

Life’s not just about work, which is why we have a bunch of benefits ranging from cultural to sport, including tickets and interesting events. The diversity brings fresh air to the team as well as new ideas which is why we enjoy supporting different personalities. We play sports, we’re fans of sports, we compete, we create!

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I've worked for CPI Hotels, or specifically at the Clarion for more than 11 years and I’m still loving it. Work is very important for me, but I'm glad that I also have time for my hobbies. I've been focused on exercising since I was 15 years old...

Jaroslav Kotík

F&B Manager, Clarion Prague Hotel Old Town

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We take care of others

We care about our surrounds and community, which is why we dedicate ourselves to a number of beneficial activities. For a long time we’ve been supporting non-profit organizations and foundations that help in places where it’s needed most.

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Together with our growth and success, we have also remained aware of our responsibility to our surroundings, guests and also our employees. We would like to give back, which is why we, as a company, have dedicated an array of...

Barbora Veselá

HR &  Internal Communication Manager

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of the hotels around the entire world






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Social responsibility


Join Pure Stay

In light of the complexity of our operations, the subject of ecology is essential to us. This means that you may encounter large dispensers of beauty products in your rooms, as well as a minimal volume of printed materials and plastic packaging. We invite our guests to join us as well in these efforts. We support waste sorting and saving electricity and water. Some of our hotels have established composts and keep bees on their rooftops that then provide honey for your breakfast. We’re continuing to expand the project with additional hotels and ideas. We’re glad that you’re a part of this—thank you! And if you want to know more, just click here.

New Job, New Life

We offer support for young people leaving children's homes to successfully join the work force. CPI Hotels participates in the New Job New Life programme, which has been helping prepare young people with future employment in the job market since 2013. The primary aim of the project is to connect children's homes with companies who—via tours, internships, temporary jobs, as well as full-time jobs—help integrate youth from children's homes into society. CPI Hotels is a proud partner of this project, which currently includes 20 active companies and 30 additional companies that are ready to offer immediate job vacancies.

A little bit of hope - Just a little bit better check-out

The project ‘Just a little bit better check-out’, which was launched in the spring of 2017, is the first full-scale charity oriented project for CPI Hotels. Gradually 9 hotel companies began to participate in the project: Clarion Hotels in Prague, Liberec, Špindlerův Mlýn, Ústí nad Labem, Ostrava, České Budějovice and Olomouc. The project is founded on the contributions of guests, who have the option to raise their hotel account price by 1€ or more when they check-out from the hotel. Thousands of visitors are going through our hotels every year, thus the idea of long-term aid given via guest contributions makes sense and has a chance of being successful. We believe that our guests receive the care they deserve thanks to our first-class services and that they will then pass this positive energy on. Just like with our support of the Czech Republic’s Endowment Fund, Kapka naděje (Drop of Hope).

Chance 4 Children – Dr. Clown

”Every child deserves a chance.” CPI Hotels has been a long-term partner of the Nadační fond (Czech Republic’s Endowment Fund) Chance 4 Children, which has been helping socially disadvantaged children, ill children and children in emergency situations since 1996. For instance, we have supported the project ‘Dr. Clown’ for a long time. This project is the first and original program of clowns in hospitals who help by offering “laugh therapy” to reduce the childrens’ trauma during their long-term hospitalization. CPI Hotels regularly provide lodging for the clowns and facilities for instructional workshops.

Association of social responsibility

CPI Hotels is a member of Association of social responsibility. They are the largest initiative for corporate social responsibility (CSR) and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Czechia. Their vision is to make social responsibility and sustainability a natural part of business strategies and activities of all organizations in Czechia. We are happy to already be a part of it. More about the association and about our membership here.

Open positions

We are CPI Hotels!
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