Visually impaired children will travel through time thanks to carnival proceeds

České Budějovice / Czech Republic / March 11, 2015

The third annual carnival at the ArtIGY Cultural and Conference Centre in České Budějovice organised by the Nursery School for the Visually Impaired was met with a warm reception from children and parents. Over 350 people came to have fun and support the children of the Nursery School and Education Centre on Zachariášova Street.

A variety of fairy-tale creatures, princesses, animals and superheroes could be seen along with several young magicians. In addition to the staff of the nursery school, the students of the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Health and Social Studies of the University of South Bohemia helped prepare the carnival. “The carnival has grown considerably since last year. Thanks to the proceeds from this year’s event, we and the children will visit the Time Machine Exhibition in the town of Písek, which we are all greatly looking forward to,” said Zdeňka Vejdělková from the Nursery School in České Budějovice.
“The event was a great success. Both healthy and impaired children participated in games, contests and raffles. Such events make sense and we very gladly support them,” said Martin Štolka, Director of the Clarion Congress Hotel in České Budějovice, which provided space free of charge in the ArtIGY centre to hold the event. The fun afternoon event, in addition to a raffle, included a children’s disco and a performance by the Panenky (Dolls) majorette club.

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