Stars of Colours of Ostrava fill Ostrava's hotels again this year

Ostrava / Czech Republic / July 21, 2015

The Colours of Ostrava Festival again this year attracted tens of thousands of visitors to the Moravian city, who came to view performances by numerous Czech and foreign stars. Ostrava's Clarion and Imperial hotels also got involved in the festival fever, thanks to their advantageous locations near the site of Dolní Vítkovice, and these hotels provided rooms both for visitors to the music festival and to many of the performers. "This year, our guests included singers and musicians Aneta Langerová, Lenka Dusilová and Michal Hrůza, the iconic French reggae band Dub Inc. and American rock and jazz bass guitarist Fernando Saunders. We have been cooperating with the organising company Colours Production successfully for four years already, to both sides' mutual satisfaction," explains Radim Beneš, director of the Clarion Congress Hotel in Ostrava.

Fernando Saunders liked Ostrava so much that he has been returning there regularly. He posed happily and in a good mood with his guitar with fans at the Clarion hotel. "Besides regular visitors and VIP guests at the festival, we also welcomed the Eben brothers, Stromboli, Kasabian and others," adds Klára Daňkova, the Imperial Hotel's business manager. Both hotels adapted to the festival participants' itineraries and took the extraordinary step of extending the breakfast period until 11 a.m. The festival was also enhanced by the hotel's menu. Head Chef Otto Kokoszynski created a special menu for the Colours of Ostrava festival. "In view of the hot weather, the most popular items were salads, steaks and refreshing gazpacho, a cold soup. Of course, there was also a strong broth, enabling guests to recharge their energy after a demanding night," explains Otto Kokoszynski with a smile. Ostrava's hotels benefited this year from a number of extraordinary and traditional sport and cultural events. They registered increased interest in their services during the May Hockey World Championship, the Zlatá Tretra athletic meeting and the current Colours of Ostrava festival. Hotel operators expect the same amount of interest during the NATO Days and Czech Air Force Days event, which is not only a location for meetings and discussions by security experts, but also features an increasingly popular show for the public.  The main programme for this year's event will take place in Ostrava from 19 to 20 September 2015.

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