Ostrava's Benada restaurant supports 111-hour race marathoners

Ostrava / Czech Republic / July 29, 2015

This year's third annual Opel handy cycling marathon, the longest cycling race for disabled and non-disabled athletes in the Czech Republic, also included the city of Ostrava, which is one of the 24 transit points in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Benada restaurant at the Ostrava Clarion Congress Hotel also got involved in the race, supporting last year's winners, the 20-member Desafío team, and disabled athlete Luděk Benada, who this year is the sponsor of Pavlína Boxanová from Olomouc.

"The race is very demanding for everyone participating, and therefore, following consultation with a team nutrition adviser, we have prepared as refreshments a nutritious pasta salad with vegetables and chicken, a light tiramisu dessert, which will be stimulating thanks to its coffee content, and fruit as a small snack," explained Otto Kokoszynski, Head Chef at the Clarion Hotel. In addition to the Ostrava restaurants supporting the event, the Benada restaurant is supporting the race by providing refreshments at the transit point in České Budějovice, where the race participants will arrive on Friday. The individual teams have transited through Ostrava based on their levels from the mid-morning hours, and another transit point will be Žilina, Slovakia. 
The race began on Tuesday, 28 July, from Wenceslas Square and will finish on 1 August at Ladronka in Prague. The Opel Handy Cyklo marathon is a mixed race of disabled and non-disabled athletes, and its main purpose is to promote barrier-free sport and integration of disabled athletes into the society as a whole. The ideal route of the race has been set at 2,222 km with a time limit of 111 hours. The teams must pass through 24 checkpoints, which consist of rehabilitation institutions, spinal units and spinal centres. Each team is participating for a "sponsor" to raise funds to help the sponsor cope with a disability.

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