Little visitors from Krupka Children's Home attended easter brunch at Clarion

Ústí nad Labem / April 24, 2014

To braid willow twigs, decorate Easter eggs and have a lot of fun – all small and grown-ups could experience that during traditional Easter brunch held at Clarion Hotel on Sunday. In addition to the children of the guests Clarion also welcomed the carolers from Krupka Children’s Home. The Easter themed program included the variety of food and beverages from Benada Restaurant.

"Easter brunch was special for us. Kids really enjoyed themselves and had a blast. Even though they had the opportunity to taste the specialties of duck, rabbit or pheasant, the biggest hit was fruit, which they could dip in chocolate themselves. We will definitely repeat the event like this in the future.” said David Matušinský, the director of Clarion Congress Hotel Ústí nad Labem. Radovan Končný, the director of Krupka Children's Home, also appreciated the emphasis on the tradition. "The celebration of Easter and other holidays is important in our facility, we would like to pass on our children something special what they can bring to their lives in the future when they move on and start their own families. Easter program at Clarion was great, kids really enjoyed it.", Konečný added.

Term “brunch” comes from the Anglo-Saxon tradition and indicates the conglomerate of a late breakfast and an early lunch.

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