Hradec Králové / Czech Republic / December 11, 2014

The real estate CPI Property Group introduced the winning design of project for a multifunctional complex in place of the existing Cernigov hotel in Hradec Kralove. It will be replaced by a four-star hotel Clarion, which complement the modern congress center, high-end office and commercial premises at the street level. Part of the plan is grown greenery, landscaping and a lively business courtyard with restaurants and cafes. "We believe that this project will enrich the central part of Hradec Kralove quality of urban space, which will become a natural part of the pedestrian corridor between the railway station and the city center," said Igor Klajmon, Development Director of CPI Property Group. The architectural design is based on studies by Schindler Seko Architects, the total investment costs reach almost 40 milions euro. 

The new complex will create a base for 1,400 working places - in the office part can find a job over 1,300 people, another 60 then employs the hotel.
CPI Property Group leads a reflection on the future direction of the object for several years, and in the context of its domestic and foreign projects worth much in the spotlight. "This city is an extremely attractive location for further development. Hradec Králové I like and deserve to be here investments as well as large investment groups like our CPI Property Group. In addition to large foreign projects we develop the potential in regional cities, and that we are successful, whether we look at the Clarion in Ceske Budejovice or City Center in Usti nad Labem and Olomouc. Now with great interest and pleasure is an investment in the complex here in Hradec," said Martin Nemecek, CEO of CPI Property Group. On this subject there was many consultation with renowned experts, which lead to the clear conclusion that the existing solutions does not allow own reconstruction, mainly for reasons of unsatisfactory dispositions, low ceilings of each floor. Therefore, the only possible solution comes into consideration the intention of completely new. "The original building replaced with something much better, both in terms of quality built form and public space. We had similar ambitions, even if structurally complex project Quadrio in the Prague city center, and just for the improvement of public space and improve the quality of life in the area we have recently received award Green Building 2014 at the prestigious international competition CIJ Awards, selected by an independent group of experts under the supervision of the international auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers," said Igor Klajmon, Development Director CPI Property Group. The first round of the architectural competition was held in June this year. The commission has adopted the preferred proposal that returned to the petitioner for completion. Now we finished the second round, in which the architectural studio included the comments so that the commission has identified this proposal as the winning project.

City Hradec Králové long occupies top spot in the polls as the best Czech city for life. It is often focused as well as individual and especially congress tourism. "Demand for Hradec in terms of domestic and foreign congress tourism giant. Therefore, we decided to expand our domestic group of Clarion hotels in the regions and bring a high level of a four-star hotel accommodation, conference and catering services," said Jan Kratina, CEO of the hotel group CPI Hotels, which operates in the Czech Republic. For the owner of an object can be model in Olomouc on the former Sigma hotel close to the train station, which was redeveloped for the comfortable Clarion congress hotel. The project will significantly beautified and modernized gateway to the city, offered a job at a local spot and provides a much higher quality of service.

The architectural plan includes a combination of office building, congress center, hotel and ground floor retail units. The basic element of urban structure is an urban block that replaces solitary mass of Cernigov hotel. Given the prominent position at the front square in front of the main station project considers it important to raise public areas also courtyard spaces. City block is therefore broken in two places and allows the passage of the east-west direction. This will provide high-quality urban space more attractive street and build on existing pedestrian zone. The form of the proposed development can be likened to a snail shell, when building a spiral wraps along the street lines, and culminate in the center of gravity within the block. The main access to the shell directly from the square, its highest point - a tower at a height of 38.5 meters - is oriented toward the station tower.

Multifunctional complex on the place of existing hotel Černigov enrich center of Hradec Kralove by the offer of top offices, comfortable four-star hotel Clarion with modern congress facility. As the first dominant when entering the city from the bus and train stations offer an attractive public space, which will make a nicer movement along the axis of the city pedestrian zones. Hotel with 150 rooms utilizes an area 16,300 square meters, while the lower two floors are designed as the main premises of congress and its supporting facilities. Higher floors serve just as an accommodation with different standards of rooms. The top floor will be located space fitness and wellness center with Skybar. Ground floor spaces with an area of 1700 square meters are considered for small shops and services accessible directly from the square, S. K. Neumann Street and a new courtyard. In the second to the fifth floor grow top offices with a total area of 14 500 m2, where prospective tenants get especially high comfort, modern design, superior service quality and attractive location right in the center of Hradec Králové. The project also includes parking with 250 places.

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