The Clarion of Ostrava celebrates Children’s day with Magic Nursery, Little Mole and Winnie the Pooh

Ostrava / Czech Republic / June 1, 2016

The Clarion of Ostrava was filled with children’s laughter on Wednesday, June 1. More than a hundred of children from four kindergartens in Ostrava celebrated International Children’s Day here. A tour of the hotel, including the room where the famous sprinter Usain Bolt had slept in previous years, was prepared for the children from 9 am. “I was surprised that the children knew who he was. We can see that children from Ostrava live sport from early on.”, commented with a smile the hotel manager, Radim Beneš, who personally welcomed the children. 

After that, the little visitors moved to the lounge, where an entertainment program had been prepared. In addition to drawing with coloured pencils on the theme of the hotel, there was throwing the ball in the hoop, slalom and the game “Taste and recognize”. There were also popular fairy tales with Little Mole and Winnie the Pooh. At the end, the children looked into the kitchen, where they had the opportunity to see the cooks in action, who were preparing a sweet surprise for them. In fact, the main highlight was a cake with Francis and Danny from the Magical Nursery. A necessary photoshoot and a sweet farewell package took place to say goodbye. 

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