The Clarion of Olomouc hosts the top volleyball players during the World Grand Prix Olomouc 2016

Olomouc / Czech Republic / June 14, 2016

The Clarion Congress Hotel Olomouc became the official local partner of the second tournament of the prestigious World Grand Prix, which is a celebration of women’s professional volleyball. It provided the national teams of Bulgaria, Canada and players from the Dominican Republic and domestic Czechs with facilities to rest before the strenuous schedule. 

The Czech team, in which volleyball offspring of Olomouc also appeared, were hoping to get into the top four of the final part of the competition, which will take place on the third weekend in June in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. After the thrilling duels, the teams from Bulgaria, Dominican Republic, Poland and Puerto Rico finally qualified. Olomouc took over the baton of hosting after the Polish Green Mountain, and Olomouc sports fans watched the matches in the sports hall of Palacky University. The Clarion Congress Hotel Olomouc is a traditional partner of sports teams, and besides the participants in the World Grand prix, it has hosted, for example, the organizational UEFA team on the occasion of last year’s UEFA European Under-21 Championship, the Czech football team, Sparta Prague, etc.

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