The Clarion Hotel in the Giant Mountains was visited by Krakonoš, Little Red Riding Hood and other fairy tale characters

Špindlerův Mlýn / August 28, 2016

Dozens of children spent a pleasant Saturday afternoon in the fairy tale forest into which the surroundings of the Clarion Hotel Špindlerův Mlýn were transformed. At ten locations, the children were transported into a fairy tale in which they were compelled to fulfil tasks ranging from the characters of princesses, Little Red Riding Hood, Emanuel the Butterfly and the Poppy Doll, Hulka or pirates. The most good-natured children were subsequently greeted by the lord of the mountains, Krakonoš. 

At the arrival point, the children were welcomed with a sweet reward from the White Lady. On the terrace, both small and big eaters could then taste local specialities and grilled pork roulade by Chef Paul Feit of the Benada Restaurant.

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