Prague / České Budějovice / September 9, 2014

To warn of the severity of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and to contribute financially to its research. That is the main goal of an international campaign ALS Ice Bucket Challenge of which the Internet has informed the whole world. The idea of the Ice Bucket Challenge came from the USA; to fulfil the challenge participants pour ice-cold water over themselves, which should evoke a similar feeling of muscle stiffness that patients with ALS suffer from.

The campaign was joined by a series of Czech and foreign celebrities; employees of Clarion hotels in České Budějovice and in Prague have also decided to get involved. Funds raised through the Internet campaign are directed towards the research of stem cells. "We wanted to show that we can make fun of ourselves and through a simple form we can help with this serious issue; there is never enough help," said Martin Štolka, hotel director at the Clarion Congress Hotel České Budějovice and he called upon his colleagues from the Clarion at Vysočany to complete this challenge. "We are a team of people who attempt to make all our guests' wishes come true. Our wish is to at least partially contribute to the fight against this malicious disease," added Miroslav Bukva, hotel director at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague. Raised funds were sent to the bank account of a group called Cell Therapy (Buněčná terapie) which is concerned with stem cell research. The organisation operates under the auspices of Prof. MUDr. Eva Syková, DrSc, director of the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.


Ice Bucket Challenge at Clarion Congress Hotel České Budějovice:


Challenge accepted! Ice Bucket Challenge Clarion Congress Hotel Prague:

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