České Budějovice / Czech Republic / June 20, 2014

Clarion Congress Hotel České Budějovice will spend the last week in June playing the kings's game – chess. From Saturday 21 June 2014 to Sunday 29 June there will be a competition of chess players within the 1st International Chess Tournament FIDE Open České Budějovice with players of the Chess Championship České Budějovice.

Live broadcast of leading chess players from premises of the congress hall of the Clarion Hotel will be transmitted via Internet all around the world. All categories of chess players are about to meet during the two competitions – men, women, and male and female juniors; the youngest tournament participant to FIDE Open České Budějovice is only 6 years of age. "We are fans of young chess players and we happily supported the event. It is great that our youngest generation does not spend its time only on Facebook, but young people also practise their concentration and analytical thinking by playing chess," said Martin Štolka, hotel director at the Clarion Congress Hotel in České Budějovice, a partner to the event. The hotel is well experienced in providing its facilities to similar events; one of the events it hosted in the past was the Sophia Cup 2013.

Photo: Davídek Bárta, the youngest participant at FIDE Open České Budějovice

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