The Chinese Mission Impossible star stayed in Clarion Congress Hotel Olomouc

Olomouc / Czech Republic / September 14, 2016

Chinese actress Jing Chu Zhang and her team stayed in the Clarion Congress Hotel in Olomouc while shooting The Adventurers, an epic Hong Kong film in which she acts alongside Jean Reno and Andy Lau. The actress was greeted in the Chinese language by hotel manager Robin Hanák.

The actress’s temporary home was the most luxurious presidential suite - the Business Executive Suite with an area of 68m2, in which apart from a bedroom, she also had a living room and conference chamber for 10 people. Apart from the standard equipment, which is also available to the rest of the hotel guests, such as an ironing set, mini-bar, tea and coffee set, safe box and working table, the suite has 2 LCD televisions and a special massage bathtub. In the past, President Miloš Zeman has also stayed in this suite. Among other things, a special tea set was prepared in the room with a daily offer of 8 kinds of tea, which is a lucky number for the Chinese.
“Preparations for the arrival of the film crew took several days; the entire staff greeted the guests in the Chinese language in order for them to feel at home here. We prepared VIP treatment in the room comprising popular Chinese fruit and the special Clarion gingerbread,” said hotel manager Robin Hanák.
“We want to respect the given culture as much as possible, we shall thus not offer anything related to the number 4, which in Chinese culture symbolises death, for instance 0.4 litre drinks or meals with 4 potatoes, we shall not accommodate them on the 4th floor or in rooms whose numbers include 4 etc.,” he added.
With regard to ensuring maximum privacy, the hotel intensified security measures to prevent the entry of unauthorised persons and fans. Only selected staff had access authorisation. Upon departure, the actress also got a gift in red colour, which is typical for Chinese culture.

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