Ostrava / Czech Republic / October 6, 2014

An impressive performance of Chinese artist groups at Clarion Congress Hotel Ostrava crowned the celebration of the 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Czech Republic and the Republic of China, which is marked by both countries on 6 September. The ceremonial gala evening took place under the auspices of First Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Culture Kateřina Kalistová and of Deputy Minister of Culture of the PRC Mr Xiang Zhaolun.

"For a moment our hotel hall became absorbed in the atmosphere of the Far East, exotic dancing and singing performances proved a huge success with the audience; we had not experienced anything like that before," said Radim Beneš, hotel director at the Clarion Congress Hotel Ostrava.

The cultural field as a symbolic bridge between our two countries was represented by the Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra, Voice of Yunnan company and dance group Kung-fu Dance Gateway. The companies' interpretation offered a unique view of traditional Chinese folk music and dance; they also tried to express in their own way the changes happening in contemporary Chinese culture. The Contemporary Dragon Kung-fu Company group, founded by famous actor and Kung-fu master Jackie Chan, brought an outstanding performance to the Clarion Ostrava, which showed a side of the modern Chinese dance scene as a masterful connection of Kung-fu and dance. Besides visiting Moravia and performing at the Clarion Ostrava, the artists also came to visit the Rudolfinum in Prague at the end of September.


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