Ostrava / Czech Republic / September 19, 2014

The Clarion Ostrava is excited by one of the biggest aircraft and security events of the year. The 14th year of NATO Days and the 5th year of Air Force Days ACR will be culminating from 20 to 21 September 2014 with a weekend air show at the airport of Leoš Janáček in Ostrava. The air show will be preceded by an official meeting of army and police force experts at the Clarion hotel. "The hotel is nearly fully booked by participants in the NATO Days; we are ensuring facilities for a series of conferences and meetings. We are hosting leading representatives of Czech and international security systems. Due to its character the event certainly requires increased security measures," disclosed Radim Beneš, hotel director at the Clarion Congress Hotel Ostrava.

The Supersonic Conference organised by the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic will be attended by over 80 aircraft experts from all around the world who deal with opportunities, recent trends and future cooperation in the field of supersonic aircrafts. During the Friday conference concerned with issues of information criminality, which was attended by Czech specialists as well as Tomáš Tuhý, the police president, a report on the state of information criminality in the EU for 2013 was presented.
The Clarion hotel held last year's Czech and Slovak Transatlantic Awards, which award personalities who significantly served in the fight for freedom and democracy in Central Europe and who helped in improving transatlantic relationships. The award was handed over to General Petraeus and Eduard Kukan. The hotel was also host to the Jagello 2000 conference, an international meeting of police presidents.
NATO Days attracts a number of visitors from the Czech Republic and other countries every year; this year's attraction is a European premiere of the unique American convertiplane CV-22B Osprey for special units and a record number of supersonic aircraft shows from all over Europe.
Photo from conference "Trends of Computer Criminality and State of Information Criminality in the Czech Republic and the EU" from the left: Karel Kuchařík, head of the Cybercrime Department; Jaroslav Jakubček, EUROPOL;Tomáš Tuhý, police president; Petr Klement, Section of Serious Economic and Financial Crime; Vladimír Rohel, director of the National Cyber Security Center

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