60 thousand bees from Pardubice arrived at the roof of the Clarion of Vysočany

Prague / Czech Republic / May 5, 2016

At the beginning of the summer tourist season, the Prague Clarion Congress Hotel Prague welcomed unusual guests. Four beehives, in which more than 60 thousand bees found a home, were ceremoniously placed on the roof of the seven-storey hotel. Hotel manager of the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, Miroslav Bukva, Commercial Director Andrew Mark and the Principal Hotel Engineer Vladimir Sieber, who will be in charge of the beekeeping, stylishly toasted to the success of the future breeding with mead. “We have been thinking about the beekeeping and use-of-honey-for-our-own-purposes project for several years.  Given the current situation of bee colonies in Prague, it was difficult to obtain the necessary permits from the State Veterinary Administration. 

We are glad we finally succeeded, and the colonies received a proper welcome worthy of a prestigious state visit. We will celebrate this year’s May 20, International day of bees and beekeeping, on the roof with the bees.”, said the hotel manager, Miroslav Bukva. A series of preparatory stages preceded the placement of the hives, for the needs of beekeeping, a service room had to be established and the roof’s walk-on surface was reinforced. The first step to welcome the new bee guests was a dish of sugar and a barrel of water and a cork stopper, so that the bees could comfortably drink and not have to search for water. The hotel management thought of all safety measures. “We chose a special kind of bee breed, Sklenar, which has minimal swarming tendencies and is calm. Therefore, it is ideal for urban buildings. In addition to that, the hives directly face the green areas on the side of the building, where there are no openable windows. There is nothing to prevent the bees from flying directly to the nearby park for nectar”, stated Vladimír Sieber from Clarion Congress Hotel Prague. The flying distance of the bees is usually 3 kilometres, and around the hotel in Vysočany and the surrounding area, there are plenty of green areas for the beehives. The profitability and the quality of honey in town is surprisingly good, there are no complications with cocktails of pesticides here which can be found on some monoculture meadows. There is a fine variety of plants in Prague. We expect the first honey yields already in June”, added Vladimír Sieber, who also devotes himself to beekeeping in his free time. With the current development of bee colonies, there could be up to 40 kg of honey. He has plans to use the honey mainly in the dishes of the Benada restaurant. “In the future, we would like to enrich the breakfasts for our hotel guests with our own honey, or use it as gifts for our business partners.”, stated the hotel manager, Miroslav Bukva. Clarion Congress Hotel Prague has joined other institutions that keep bees on the roof, for example, the National Theatre.

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